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Administration of Medicine

Students who are required to take prescribed medication during the regular school day may be assisted by the school nurse or office personnel if the parents adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Parents must submit a completed LAUSD medication form (which can be obtained from the office).
  2. The office will keep the form on file and the medicine will be kept in the office.
  3. Office staff will administer the medicines according to the instructions on the form.
  4. If a doctor’s note cannot be obtained, parents must come to school and administer the medicine themselves. Students may NOT carry or use medication on campus. However, students may carry and self-administer certain medications (e.g., inhaled asthma medication or auto-injectable epinephrine medication) if the school office receives the appropriate documentation.

Broadway Elementary School conforms to the administration of medication policy as put forth in the California Education Code (Section 49423). For the full text of the policy, please click HERE.